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SPA Email Migration

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For improved security and availability the School of Physics and Astronomy will be transitioning email services to UMN Gmail, with an estimated effective date of December 31, 2017.

The migration is a two step process:

  1. Set up forwarding in MyPhys
  2. Migration of old mail to Gmail

If practicable, SPA-IT recommends setting up mail forwarding via MyPhys as soon as possible to your <InternetID>@umn.edu. The benefits are numerous:

  • Greater protection from malware, spam, phishing and other malicious emails
  • Higher availability of email services and access on a wide variety of devices
  • Minimal impact when the email migration takes place
  • Unlimited mail storage

If you are unhappy with your InternetID please contact 1-HELP and they will help you change it.

This guide will provide details on the email migration process, as well as answer common questions you might have. In the event that your question is not answered here, please contact net@physics.umn.edu.


All faculty, staff, students and other users with physics or astro email mailboxes will have their SPA email forwarded to their UMN email account before the end of the year. It is strongly encouraged to begin forwarding and using UMN Gmail as soon as possible. Outside collaborators without UMN collaborator accounts can either (a) receive assistance in obtaining a UMN sponsored account or (b) have their SPA email forwarded to their home institution or other email account.

Depending on your role in our School and in an effort to avoid any conflicts with teaching, research or other duties your email account will be migrated during a specific time period unless you start the process sooner. If absolutely necessary users will have one opportunity to reschedule at a different time.


To work around teaching and research duties, faculty will be migrated during summer 2017.


Administrative staff will be migrated when the change over to new Windows systems occurs. This is tentatively planned for Fall 2017. If you feel this will interfere with any responsibilities you will have at that time we encourage you to setup mail forwarding beforehand via MyPhys.

Other staff and researchers will start to be migrated beginning in late April, 2017.


Students will be migrated during fall semester and before the final changeover occurs. If you believe this will at all interfere with your teaching or research responsibilities we encourage your to set up mail forwarding before the start of the fall semester.

If you have teaching responsibilities and need your email migrated sooner, please contact net@physics.umn.edu and we will make every effort to have your email migrated during the summer.

Other Users

Users without a university appointment can forward to an external address or if necessary, a sponsored University of Minnesota account can be created.

Process Details

Leading up to your specific migration date you will receive several emails notifying and reminding you of your migration date - these will be sent out at 1 month, 2 weeks, 2 days and 1 day beforehand.

On your migration date, SPA-IT will set up forwarding on your account, if not already done, as well as change your mailbox to read-only to prevent further changes. At that time you will begin to receive all emails at your UMN email account. SPA-IT will coordinate with the OIT Google team to import all of your email to your new account. The process of the migration will take approximately 2 days, depending on the size of your mailbox. Please note that this is only possible for users switching to UMN email accounts.

If necessary, during the migration process you will still be able to log in and retrieve any physics emails from before that date.

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