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Data storage in Physics

Physics Unix storage

Your Physics account comes with several GB of storage in your unix home directory. The default home directory quota is 10GB. You can check your storage usage and quota in MyPhys.

We can also set up group or project directories for shared access. Please refer to our page on unix file storage.

Most people with a Physics account can connect to their Physics home directory from Windows or Mac computers. For steps on how to connect to your unix storage, see How to map a network drive in Windows.

Physics Windows AD storage

Your Physics Windows Active Directory (AD) account also comes with storage space on our Windows file server. At present, this is not displayed in MyPhys.

There are a number of ways you can access your Active Directory files from a non-member computer (a “non-member” computer is one which isn't part of our Active Directory configuration, such a laptop you manage yourself at home or elsewhere).

Research storage

For research groups which need shared network storage, we offer a shared research RAID facility, where you may “buy in” to obtain dedicated space. The storage is allocated in chunks of 1 or 2TB.

  • storage may be allocated either for linux access within the Physics cluster, or for Physics Active Directory for windows.
  • for each storage “chunk”, you may opt to use the entire amount for direct use.
  • or, we can divide it into two sections, use one to make backups of the other.
  • windows AD storage also has built-in “oops protection” via snapshots, to allow retrieval of deleted files or wrongly-altered files.

Please email net@physics.umn.edu for more information about this option.

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