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2000 level, old station, furthest away from Ross. Access through Yates at 1700, then ramp.

Status: power and network should be available. The rock may require some securing.

Install sheet: 2000a.pdf

Site information

Q330 serial 0100000A1B9B8B2E
Q330 tag 974
Q330 IP
Sensor type STS-2
Sensor serial 109807
Baler tag 05260
GPS transceiver serial DY5A10118
Switch label 2000 SW 2

Site log

Date Comments Update by
03/24/2015 Installed full station (Tanner, Pat, and Victor), but GPS timing was not working because Tanner couldn't remember which inputs to use for the NMEA on the GPS transceiver. Tanner
03/25/2015 Fixed GPS timing connections; timing is now working. Tanner
03/27/2015 Seismometer centered remotely. Tanner
04/01/2015 Used the Octans to align the seismometer. The seismometer was centered after the alignment. Tanner
04/17/2015 Lost connection to the station. Can't ping it when on the network. Talked to Jamey and the power and switch are OK. The network people at SURF can see that something is plugged into the switch but can't see its IP or MAC address. Tanner
05/18/2015 Tanner, Daniel, and Gary visited the station. The station was powered and acquiring data but not communicating through the network. The telemetry packed buffer was full. We could connect to the site with Willard when plugging the laptop into the switch at this station. The network connection from the site seemed to be OK, as we could ping the network computer and other stations on the network. We rebooted the Q330 and it started transmitting data again. No data was lost as the Baler continued to function. Not sure what the problem was or if it will occur again. Tanner

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

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