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Q330 acting as master for the underground GPS timing system. Not a seismic station! The GPS signal is passed through two splitters here to be sent underground to Ross and Yates, so 3 total GPS transceivers are used here.

Install sheet: mast.pdf

Site information

Q330 serial 0100000A27A7705B
Q330 tag 991
Q330 IP
Master GPS transceiver serial DY5A10112
Other GPS transceiver serial DY5A10121
Other GPS transceiver serial DY5A10123

Site log

Date Comments Update by
09/21/2014 Set up Q330 in server room and connected it to the GPS antenna on the roof of the Yates admin building. Tanner
11/20/2014 Started sending the GPS signal underground via fiber. Tanner
01/12/2015 Moved digitizer from its original shelf to a new shelf in a server rack. Installed a new GPS cable which converts the signal going from the digitizer to the GPS transceiver from RS-232 to TTL. Tanner
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