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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 09/17/2015

Attending: Victor, Daniel, Tanner, Gwynne, Noah, Levi, Vuk, Pat

Homestake wiki: https://zzz.physics.umn.edu/groups/homestake/home

Our agenda:

  1. Homestake array status (Tanner): still problems with E2000, WTP also has mass centering fluctuating a lot. Re-centered a few stations, but no problem. Had a couple of data dropouts due to reboots at UMN, but Tanner scp-ed the data, should be ok now. Seems not problem at Caltech. Conversion to frames going on ok, still trying to figure out how to handle the leap-second in a nice way. The issues is that the antelope makes a break in the data around midnight (different break-time for each channel), so some data has the same time stamps but different values.
  1. Update on activation experiments (Pat): Gary and Pat visited 2000E and poured the new concrete pad there. Believe that the issue with glitches at this station was due to the crumbling of the concrete. Should move the station in the coming week. Also swapped a few balers and downloading the data now. Swapped all surface stations except WTP and Rhyolite Ridge. Gary working on the highschool networking, so far the data is not coming through. Then did the active excitation experiments on the surface, succeeded in covering all paths originally intended. Potential timing issue with the mass drop (mass drop activates an accelerometer which triggers the geophones which then record the time when the mass hit the ground), will have to check in the data.
  1. From Gary (offline): Got our first geophone array set up on the 4100. I took a bit longer than I had expected so will be on 4100 through Friday. The deployment on 4850 will (hopefully) be next Tuesday (no access Monday). Very quite conditions making initial results encouraging. Other than collecting good waveform data, however, we won't know much until we can work on the data.
  1. Data analysis updates
    • Radiometer update (Levi): pdf
    • PSDs and spectrograms (Tanner) pdf
    • Data analysis workshop, Oct 23-25 (Fri-Sun) at UMN.
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