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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 06/02/16

Attending: Gary, Ross, Daniel, Victor, Levi, Vuk, Pat, Michael


1) Homestake array status Gary: 2000D and E are off the air now, for about an hour. Contacted Jaret, he is confirmed this was a known outage. Recentered 800 and Ross. The problem with the surface stations is fixed, the IT people poked around the network connections. Not clear was wrong, it seems a loose cable somewhere in the system. We have a few months before we take it out anyway. For the time being, we should let it be… Otherwise, the data is flowing in fine.

Gary: PASSCAL got all of our data in the form they wanted, they confirmed it. This includes all of our baler data, and the data is streaming to them real-time too.

Gary: We had failed to clean some of the balers very early on, when we were first setting things up. So some of the underground sites had random debris (with very early time stamps and wrong station names) on the balers even before we turned them on. Believe to have cleaned them, but should be careful about it.

Vuk: Checked with Jaret, we should remove all surface stations in September. We should start making concrete plans for the trip in July.

2) data analysis updates Ross Caton surface wave dispersion measurements pdf - dispersion_v3.pdf

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