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Homestake Meeting, June 30, 2016


  1. Status of the array
    • Still having trouble with RRDG station, very sporadic data. Timing has gone bad since Saturday.
    • Gary: sounds like rodent activity, probably chewing on cables. We could have Barrick just take a quick look and see if there is any evidence for that.
    • Tanner: some trouble with YATES, short data gaps every day.
    • Gary: probably due to antenna being lower now, not a big concern since we'll be able to get data from the Balers as well.
    • Tanner: need to renew Antelope license on SURF computer.
    • Gary: might need to do that at LHS as well. update: license is good until Nov. 17.
    • Daniel: WTP is still drifting a lot.
  2. Data analysis updates
    • Levi Walls, Love Wave Formalism, June 2016: pdf
    • Tanner - Rayleigh wave amplitudes slides
      • Gary: each term in biexponential relates to a skin depth, one for p-waves and one for s-waves. Could try to “fix” one of them so that you don't see the degeneracy that is apparently happening.
  3. Other business
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