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An alphabetized list of relevant papers and sources used throughout the project. Structure is as follows:

  • Author(s) (Pub. year): Pub. title| pdf
    • Short description of contents within


  • Boore and Joyner (1997): Site Amplifications for Generic Rock Sites: pdf
    • Contains motivation for use of power law representing shear-wave velocity models
  • Caddey, et. al (1991):The Homestake gold mine, an early Proterozoic iron-formation-hosted gold deposit, Lawrence County, South DakotaL: pdf
    • Geochemical data for different levels within Homestake
  • Coughlin, et al (2014); Wiener filtering in a seismic underground array at the Sanford Underground Research Facility: pdf
    • Present method of Wiener filtering at the SURF. They achieve about an order of magnitude noise cancellation in the 0.05-1 Hz band. Also, it is shown that optimizing filter order can significantly improve subtraction of seismic noise.
  • Driggers, Harms, and Adhikari (2012): Subtraction of Newtonian Noise using optimized sensor arrays:pdf
    • Implement schemes to mitigate Newtonian Noise and investigated the effects of array configurations on Newtonian Noise subtraction
  • Haney and Tsai (2015): Nonperturbational surface-wave inversion: A Dix-type relation for surface waves: pdf
    • Parameter estimation for surface waves assuming a shear-wave velocity model
  • Harms, et al (2010): Characterization of the seismic environment at the Sanford Underground Laboratory, South Dakota: pdf
    • Seismic spectra at three different depths are compared, establishing the 4100-ft level as a world-class low seismic-noise environment.
  • Roggenthen and Koch (2013): Geophysical Logging of DUSEL Core and Geotechnical Applications: pdf
    • Paper with extensive seismic velocity data based on core data.
  • Saulson (1984): Terrestrial gravitational noise on a gravitational wave antenna: pdf
    • An introduction to the idea of Newtonian Noise and its effects on gravitational wave detectors
  • Tsai (2010): The relationship between noise correlation and the Green’s function in the presence of degeneracy and the absence of equipartition: pdf
    • The title says it all–seems especially relevant for the work done by Victor and Daniel at Caltech
  • Tsai and Atiganyanun (2014): Green’s Functions for Surface Waves in a Generic Velocity Structure: pdf
    • Information regarding the surface wave eigenfunction calculation–assumes a shear-wave velocity model (cf. Boore & Joyner 1997) and density model.
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