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2012 Physics REU Program


1. June.6 Seminar

Prof. Joseph Kapusta__Overview of Physics Graduate Program

2. June.13 Seminar

Prof. Michel Janssen__How Einstein went from putting the facts first to putting math first?

3. June.20 Seminar

Prof. Vincent Noireaux__Biophysics at the School of Physics, UMN

4. June.27 Seminar

Prof. John Broadhurst__Hello Mother” sound pattern recognition by the brain” & Use of nuclear processes to improve radiation cancer therapy

July.4 No Seminar

5. July.11 Seminar

Prof. Keith Olive__History of the universe

6. July.18 Seminar

Prof. Paul Crowell__Intro. to spintronics

7. July.25 Seminar

Student presentations: Matt, Rachel,Kevin

8. Aug.8 Seminar

Student presentations: Amanda, Ross, Darren

REU Students Poster Session Aug.9 2012

REU students working in their lab/offices


Matt's group is studying asymptotic giant branch stars in local group dwarf galaxies that were observed using the Spitzer Space Telescope. And he is writing code that picks out stars from these images and corrects their magnitudes.


Luke is working on injecting gravitational-wave signals into interferometer noise in order to determine what astrophysical events are capable of being detected by LIGO and VIRGO.


Tim is working on trying to fit polarization data of radio signals from galaxy clusters in order to obtain an estimate of the Rotation Measure (RM), which can be interpreted to give information on the magnetic field(s) in the intracluster medium.


Kevin is working on the NOvA experiment. He spent the first couple weeks of the REU working at the NOvA module factory, learning how each of the 15,000 modules to be used at the Ash River site are constructed. He also got a fair deal of hands-on experience while there. Now Kevin is working on analysis for when NOvA is online – currently on Monte Carlo simulation events. His code is designed to search for Magnetic Moment interactions and the hope is to be able to make a measurement on the magnetic moment of neutrinos once the detector is online.


Wipa Frozen yogurt-- hanging out with women in physics and astronomy

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