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Scanning Instructions

<note> We recommend you always scan documents to your own email address rather than direct to other people, as otherwise you will have no confirmation that they arrive</note>

Scan using Physics Xerox copiers

To scan using the Xerox copiers (Tate 145 and 335; PAN 211 and 411):

  • Press the “Services Home” button and select the “Copy” option
  • Select required features: reduce/enlarge, 2-sided, color, etc
  • Enter recipient email address(es)
    • You can type all or part of someone's name, and hit “Search” to retrieve their email from the Physics directory
  • Press “Start” to scan your documents from the input tray.

To scan using a Toshiba eStudio copier

To scan to email using the eStudio copiers (FTPI 431, MIFA 358, PAN 311):

  • Load your document into the document feeder, or place on the scanner glass.
  • Enter your department code on the touch screen, and hit the “SCAN” button.
  • Press the [SCAN to EMAIL] button on-screen.
  • Enter the email address - hit the “Email to” button. Note: The default display is the copier internal directory (which is unused) - either hit “E-mail address” to enter an address using the on-screen keyboard, or “Search” to find an address in the department directory.
  • After entering your address, hit the “Return” button to return to the main email screen.
  • Select among scan types (PDF, TIFF-multi, TIFF-single)
    • Use the scan functions [EDIT] button to set custom page size or to select scan dpi and color/monochrome settings. The default setting is monochrome.
  • Hit “Enter” to return to the main scan screen.
  • Press “Scan!” to scan your document.

Changing Default Scan Settings (such as scan size)

To change your default scan settings to avoid getting really big files for simple text-only documents, do the following:

  • Sign in with your dept code
  • Press the 'User Functions' button
  • Click the “user Tab” using the touch screen
  • Select “Scan”
  • Now arrow down until you see page 5/5 and the 'Resolution' box
  • If you usually scan text-only documents and are getting very large files, set Resolution to 200dpi and 'Text' only

Changing Scan Settings for Your Current Scan Session

The above directions will change your scan settings for every log in with that ID number. If you want to change your scan settings for only your current log-in session, do the following:

  • Press “Scan” button on the control panel using a button on the right-hand panel
  • Click the 'Scan Setting' text in the right-hand-side of the display that pops up
  • Now you can specify the resolution on the first screen (page 1/3)
  • Press 'Original Mode' and it will pop up with a box of scan types. If it's just text, you can select 'Text', otherwise 'Text/Photo', etc.

To scan using the HP Digital Senders

This is a touch-screen device - most or all interaction is through the screen.

  • Load a document in the document feeder
  • Select “e-mail” from the menu on the touch screen
  • Enter “From”, “To” and “Subject”.
  • select “OK”
  • Select “Settings”
  • Choose options such as duplex, color and file type and select “OK”
  • Press the “Start” button.

The device will attempt to look up email addresses from the online Physics Directory, as you type.

The Digital Sender can scan both sides of a double-sided document.

<note> If you find your scanned page has streaks or lines on it, especially when using the sheet feeder

  • check the transparent “window” on the rear bottom of the scanner lid. Often a loose scrap of paper will get lodged here and cause a line on pages scanned through the document feeder.
  • if that doesn't resolve it, check/clean the document glass


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