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Available Systems

We have a large number of linux systems available. Some are available for general use, while some are for the use of specific research groups.

  • spartha.spa.umn.edu (also known as ssh.physics.umn.edu) is intended for general-purpose, lightweight, interactive computing for the entire department. Examples include reading email, or as an ssh destination/proxy. Cpu-intensive jobs should not be run on this system - we suggest using condor batch system to submit your jobs elsewhere. If any jobs on this interactive login node are found to be using high levels of CPU, memory, or other system resources, we reserve the right to cancel them immediately and without notice.
  • Various research groups (HEP, Nuclear Theory, Cosmology, etc) have their own systems and should use them accordingly. We don't restrict access to these machines by other users; please don't abuse this. If you have a need which might be met by running jobs on another groups' systems, you should arrange permission with them before doing so.

You can find a list of available systems on this page (all linux systems) or this page (servers only), along with their “cluster” (which is usually the research group or purpose they belong) to and the amount of data disk storage.

If your research group has no dedicated computational resources, there is a general-purpose pool called phys which may be used by anybody.

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