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2000 level, nearest to Ross. Access via Yates at 1700 and the ramp.

Status: should have power and network.

Install sheet: 2000b.pdf

Site information

Q330 serial 0100000B6A0C6710
Q330 tag 1432
Q330 IP
Sensor type STS-2
Sensor serial 119520
Baler tag 05403
GPS transceiver serial DY5A10114
Switch label 2000 SW 1

Site log

Date Comments Update by
03/25/2015 Installed full station (Tanner and Pat), network and GPS timing are working. Tanner
04/01/2015 Used the Octans to align the seismometer. The seismometer was centered after the alignment. Tanner
09/09/2015 Centered seismometer remotely. Tanner
01/02/2016 Gary centered the seismometer remotely. Tanner
06/17/2016 Centered seismometer remotely. Tanner

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

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