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Assay and Acquisition of Radiopure Materials

This is the 2009 - 2014 working wiki of AARM. For the longer term community assay website, please go to The Integration Website

The AARM S4 was funded 2009-2012.

The Follow-on Proposal is called "Integrative Tools for Underground Science" (2012-2014)

Download Proposal Also useful LRT2013 AARM Description
Welcome to the wiki page for Low Radiation Techniques, Low Background Counting, Material Purity, Shielding, etc! The old S4 Task was to design the Facility for AARM (or FAARM) for DUSEL, to serve the needs of the Physics, Bio, Geo, and Engineering Groups and define the infrastructure required. Currently there are complete engineering drawings completed under the S4, but work is paused on the FAARM until such time as a site and scope is defined. Integrative Tools concentrates on infrastructure such as databases, sharing of expertise, workshops, and simulation tools. AARM members are free to edit these pages and create new ones as situations warrant. Just click on the login bar at the bottom of the page. Click “register” when it pops up and you will be given a password automatically. Now an “edit” prompt is visible at the side of each section and at the bottom of the entire page. When you click “edit” you will have a window which needs to be edited using the wiki syntax. The handy toolbar which appears at the top of the window will do most of what you want. If you are not familiar with wiki syntax, please see link to syntax at the bottom of this page for help. You probably should NOT edit this start page (unless you want to add a link). Instead, you can click on your working group and edit that page. For an introduction to the implementation and usage of this site, see the introduction.

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