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Install sheet: dead.pdf

Somewhat close to a creek. We were concerned about groundwater (actually dug below groundwater level during install), so we dug a drainage channel and filled with pebbles.

Site information

Q330 serial 010000044DA9BE0A
Q330 tag 798
Q330 IP
Sensor type Guralp-3T
Sensor serial T35388
Baler tag 05566

Note: no radio at this site.

Site log

Date Comments Update by
05/17/2015 Tanner, Daniel, and Gary dug the holes, set up the solar panel post, and poured the concrete. We also put up a fence to keep horses out. Tanner
05/18/2015 Tanner, Daniel, and Gary installed the sensor and data acquisition system. We also dug a trench to ensure good drainage. Tanner
05/22/2015 Tanner, Gary, and Pat visited the station to check on it and load a new Q330 configuration for standalone stations. Tanner

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

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