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Here is a list of all data analysis presentations given during the Homestake telecons as well as a few other helpful presentations. They have been divided into sections according to their subject matter; e.g. Parameter Estimation, Active Site Experiment, etc. The structure within each subject matter is as follows:

  • Date: Author, Title: pdf
    • Short description of contents within

Parameter Estimation:

  • 6/30/16: Tanner Prestegard, Rayleigh wave eigenfunctions: pdf
    • Parameter estimation efforts for the Rayleigh wave eigenfunctions
  • 5/5/16: Tanner Prestegard, Rayleigh wave amplitudes: pdf
    • Principal components analysis idea presentation
  • 2/25/16: Tanner Prestegard, Rayleigh wave parameters:pdf
    • Presentation of Rayleigh wave parameterization and ideas on obtaining values from particle motion

Active Site Experiment:

  • 6/2/16: Ross Caton, Dispersion of Surface Waves in the Black Hills, SD: pdf
    • Dispersion maps showing possible multipathing or other surface wave modes
  • 4/7/16: Gary Pavlis, DUGL Weight Drop Source Data Analysis: Progress Report: pptx
    • A technique to estimate the time delay between successive shots. Then use a shot that is nearest to one of our existing stations (which have absolute time) to get the absolute time for all the shots in that array.
  • 3/24/16: Ross Caton, Free Surface Reflections at Homestake Mine: pptx
    • 2000-level reflection data at Homestake

Depth-dependence of Shear Waves:

  • 4/29/16: Levi Walls, A Look at Purely Mineralogical Dependence of Wave Speeds in the Homestake Mine: pdf
    • Mostly contains analysis from previous presentations, but it's polished. Also, there is a bit more on effects of porosity at the 2000-level.
  • 3/24/16: Levi Walls, Results of the Geochemical Data Analysis of Homestakepdf
    • A look at P and S wave speeds according strictly to the Geology of the Mine area.
  • 2/25/16: Gary Pavlis, Indiana Group Data Processing Update:pptx
    • S velocities and start of event catalog. Shear wave speed measurements at 2000 level: ~3500 m/s in the Homestake formation, ~3300 m/s in Ellison, and ~3700 m/s in the mixed rock environment near Ross.
  • 1/14/16: Levi Walls, Analysis of Depth-dependent Behavior of Shear Waves pdf
  • 1/26/16: Levi Walls, UPDATED Analysis of Depth-dependent Shear Waves pdf
    • Presented normalized weighted average scheme for estimating the geologic effects on wave speeds based on work with rock hardness. Velocity does not seem to depend on the depth, so the observed depth dependence of the velocity must come from porosity of the rock, fractures etc.


  • 9/17/15: Tanner Prestegard, PSDs and spectrograms: pdf
    • PSDs and Spectrograms were made for comparing different channels of seismometers at different levels within Homestake
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