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Neutron Benchmarking Working Group


Ray Bunker1)Syracuse Universityraybunker@gmail.comNMM, Soudan Veto Shield, Detector Development
Anthony Villano2)University of Minnesotavillaa@physics.umn.eduNMM, Soudan Veto Shield, Detector Development
Dan AkeribCase Western Reserve Universityakerib@slac.stanford.eduNMM
Adam AndersonMITadama@mit.eduHe3 NCDs at MIT
Christopher BassLe Moynebassc@lemoyne.eduFaNS
Julien BillardMITbillard@mit.eduHe3 NCDs at MIT
Yu ChenSyracuse Universityychen87@syr.eduNMM, Soudan Veto Shield, Detector Development
Prisca CushmanUniversity of Minnesotaprisca@physics.umn.eduNMM, Soudan Veto Shield, Detector Development
Emily DragowskyCase Western Reserve Universitymichael.dragowsky@case.eduNMM
Anton EmplUniversity of Arkansas at Little Rockanton.empl@gmail.comFLUKA Sim of NMM
Enectali Figueroa-FelicianoNorthwesternenectali@northwestern.eduHe3 NCDs at MIT
Matt FrittsUniversity of Minnesotafritts@physics.umn.eduSoudan Veto Shield
Sean GeldertUniversity of Minnesotageld0021@umn.eduSoudan Veto Shield
Chiranjibi GhimireUniversity of South DakotaChiranjibi.Ghimire@coyotes.usd.eduNMM, Soudan Veto Shield
Fred GrayRegis Universityfgray@regis.eduUSD Neutron Detector, Soudan Veto Shield
John GreavuUniversity of Minnesotagreav011@umn.eduSoudan Veto Shield
Raul Hennings-YeomansUC Berkeleyraulhennings@gmail.comNMM, FLUKA Sim of NMM
Joseph JeffersUniversity of Minnesotajeffe174@umn.eduSoudan Veto Shield
Tom LangfordYaletlangfor@umd.eduFaNS
Alexander LederMITaleder@mit.eduHe3 NCDs at MIT
Chang LeeCase Western Reserve Universityclempiric@gmail.comNMM
Sarah LindsayUniversity of Arkansas at Little Rocksxlindsay@ualr.eduFLUKA Sim of NMM
Dongming MeiUniversity of South DakotaDongming.Mei@usd.eduUSD Neutron Detector, Davis Cavern
Chris NedlikSyracuse Universitycdnedlik@syr.eduNMM, Soudan Veto Shield
Harry NelsonUC Santa Barbarahnn@hep.ucsb.eduNMM
Lea ReichhartUniversity College III Neutrons
Joel SanderUniversity of South Dakotajoel.sander@usd.eduNMM, Soudan Veto Shield
Richard SchneeSyracuse Universityrwschnee@phy.syr.eduNMM, Soudan Veto Shield, Detector Development
Marco SelviINFN - BolognaMarco.Selvi@bo.infn.itLVD, Benchmarking
Melinda SweanySandia National Labsweany1@llnl.govNMM, Detector Development
Mani TripathiUC Davismani@physics.ucdavis.eduNMM
Chao ZhangUniversity South DakotaChao.Zhang@usd.eduUSD Neutron Detector, Davis Cavern


To improve the accuracy of the Monte Carlo simulations used to estimate the rare-event-search background due to muon-induced high-energy neutrons in deep underground laboratories. Currently, this entails ongoing efforts to:

  • Understand data recorded by the Neutron Multiplicity Meter (NMM) using a Geant4 detector model and publish high-multiplicity results (NMM);
  • Better constrain the flux of radiogenic and muon-induced neutrons using data from the USD liquid-scintillator neutron detector at Soudan (USD Neutron Detector);
  • Measure the medium- to high-energy neutron flux in the Davis cavern (Davis Cavern, long-term);
  • Fully instrument the NMM (and other LBCF experiments) with timing signals from the Soudan veto shield (Soudan Veto Shield);
    • Acquire correlated veto-shield and NMM data;
    • Measure the distance between NMM high-energy neutrons and muons in the veto shield;
  • Conduct simulations that will inform next-generation neutron-detector and -veto designs (Detector Development, long-term);
  • Develop a FLUKA model for understanding NMM data and for comparison with Geant4 (FLUKA Sim of NMM);
  • Develop a He3 neutron-capture detector for monitoring reactor neutrons at MIT (He3 NCDs at MIT);
  • Detection of medium- to high-energy neutrons with the FaNS technique (FaNS);
  • Detailed understanding of muon-induced neutron yield in lead using the ZEPLIN-III muon veto (ZEPLIN-III Neutrons); and
  • Reach out to members of other collaborations (e.g., LVD and Edelweiss) who share common interests.


This working group used to share the NMM project's Friday time slot (from 11 am to 12 pm EST). Detailed NMM analysis discussion now occurs on Tuesdays at 2:30 pm EST (same esnet connection info), together with discussion of ongoing veto-shield analysis projects. Agendas and minutes are available from the NMM meetings page.

Thus, the AARM Neutron Benchmarking Working Group now owns the Friday time slot. On an ~monthly basis, we will have broad-interest summary meetings in which one or more of above listed projects will report on recent developments.

Day of the WeekFriday
Time8-9 am PDT (11 am to 12 pm EDT)
ESNET Video #886388 (no password)
Dial in #(510) 423-9220 (conf code 886388#)
Next MeetingNov ??, 2013
Meeting AgendaMain TopicsMinutesOrganizer
October 5, 2012NMM status update & paper draftSummary/AgendaRay
October 19, 2012NMM Geant4 sim status, FLUKA sim statusSummary/AgendaRay
November 2, 2012USD neutron-detector update, NMM Geant4 sim, FLUKA simSummary/AgendaRay
November 30, 2012NMM Geant4 sim, NMM FLUKA geometry, Gd capture-gamma spectrumSummary/Agenda Ray
January 4, 2013Discussion related to the Watchman Project (led by Anthony) Ray
January 25, 2013Status Reports Ray
February 8, 2013Neutron Monitoring with He-3 NCDs at MIT, NMM Geant4 Sim updateSummary/AgendaRay
February 22, 2013NMM & veto-shield hardware upgrade, NMM Geant4 Sim update Ray
March 1, 2013NMM & veto-shield hardware upgradeSummary/AgendaRay
March 15, 2013NMM DAQ upgrade & paper draftSummary/AgendaRay
March 22, 2013NMM DAQ upgrade, paper draft discussion & Geant4 sim updateSummary/AgendaRay
March 29, 2013NMM DAQ upgrade, Geant4 sim updateSummary/AgendaRay
April 26, 2013New-member welcome (Lea), otherwise attendance too low for useful discussion Ray
May 10, 2013Summary Meeting: FaNS, ZEPLIN & USD Liquid ScintillatorNotes/AgendaRay
May 31, 2013Summary Meeting: ZEPLIN & MIT NCDsNotes/AgendaRay
Nov ?Summary Meeting: NCD Simulation Ray


Internal Notes

The NMM/Veto-shield E-book

1) Working Group Chair
2) Working Group Co-chair
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