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Locally-installed software

While some software packages are automatically available to all users (they are included in the default PATH), many are available via the modules system and have to be activated before use.


Activate using module load mathematica, after which you can use the command mathematica for the XWindows notebook-style interface, or math for the terminal-based interface.


Use module load matlab to activate.

After loading the module, matlab is started using the matlab command. Extensive online help is available.


The official documentation for ROOT may be found at http://root.cern.ch/, but you should also check the much more useful local documentation


Supermongo is a plotting and analysis program widely used in the astrophysics community. Use module load sm to activate, followed by sm to run.

More info at http://www.astro.princeton.edu/~rhl/sm and possibly from http://www.rebeccastanek.com/super/.

Astronomy Software and Packages

These applications and packages are available by default only to users in the astro group.


Space Telescope Grants Management System. Type stgms to run.

Spitzer Pride

Spitzer Pride includes Spot (Tool for Planning Observations) and Leopard (Archive Tool). Spot is a software package used by Spitzer observers to plan observations and submit proposals, and Leopard is a software package used to query the archive and download data.

Available via UPS setup spitzer_pride command.

SPICE (Spitzer IRS Custom Extraction)

The Spitzer IRS Custom Extraction (SPICE) software provides a JAVA-based tool that allows the user to interactively extract Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph (IRS) spectra.

Type spice.csh to run.

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